Unveiling the Hidden Gem: Invest in 7% Farmer Plots on Yamuna Expressway for Lucrative Returns

Are you on the lookout for an investment opportunity that promises exceptional growth? Look no further! We invite you to explore the untapped potential of 7% Farmer Plots on (7% Abadi Farmer Quota Authority Plots in Yamuna)

Yamuna Expressway. In this captivating blog post, we will take you on a journey through these exclusive plots, highlighting their remarkable features, strategic location, and commercial possibilities. From the seamless transfer process to the diverse plot sizes available, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with the insights needed to make a well-informed investment decision.

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of these fully developed residential plots. The meticulously planned infrastructure, including well-laid roads, scenic parks, and robust utility systems, ensures a seamless living experience akin to that of general sectors. Situated in close proximity to the villages of the farmers who have generously allocated their lands to YEIDA, these plots strike the perfect balance between tranquility and accessibility.

Discover the Prime Locations: (7 abadi farmer quota authority plots in yamuna express)Sector 25, Sector 18, and Sector 20, along with neighboring villages, such as Mirzapur, Acheja Buzurg, Achhepur, Chandpur, Rustampur, Parsaul, Usmanpur, Dungarpur, and Milak in Sector 18 & 20, play host to these exclusive plots. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of these locales and envision the endless possibilities that await.

Seamless Transfer Process: While immediate transfer is not possible, rest assured that within a span of 2 to 3 years, the transfer of ownership will be completed. At present, plot owners (farmers) have received the allotment letter from YEIDA, paving the way for future development. As soon as the detailed maps are released, the plot development will commence, culminating in the registry process. Remember, plot transfers can only occur after the completion of registry formalities.

Unveiling the Resale Market: Interested in exploring the resale market for these coveted farmer plots? Look no further! The resale process hinges on key documents, including the Agreement to Sell, Will, GPA, and Duly Signed Transfer Kit. These documents lay the foundation for a smooth and secure transaction, safeguarding the interests of both parties involved.

Embrace Variety in Plot Sizes: Whether you seek a cozy space or aspire for grandeur, these farmer plots cater to diverse preferences. Ranging from 120 square yards to 1000 square yards, these plots offer a size to suit every requirement, making them an enticing proposition for potential investors.

Residential Plots with Commercial Potential: Picture a harmonious blend of residential serenity and commercial possibilities. These farmer plots provide the perfect canvas for such aspirations, allowing for 50% of the plot area to be utilized for commercial activities. Though not classified as full-fledged commercial plots, they are approved for specific ventures listed by YEIDA, such as Guest Houses, Clinics, Coaching Centers, and more. Seamlessly integrate your business aspirations into your residential haven.

Embrace Convenience with Well-Connected Roads: Convenience takes center stage with most of these plots strategically located along 12-meter roads. Experience easy connectivity and hassle-free commuting, ensuring that you’re always within reach of essential amenities and major landmarks.

Unlocking the Potential: Resale Prices of Farmer Plots: The resale prices of these farmer plots vary, with values ranging from Rs. 8000 per square meter to Rs. 20000 per square meter. Factors such as sector allocation and plot location play a significant role in determining the price. Tap into the burgeoning market and secure a rewarding investment opportunity.

Answering Your Queries: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Commercial Activities Thrive on These Plots? Absolutely! You have the freedom to engage in 50% of certain types of commercial activities, including Guest Houses, Clinics, Coaching Centers, and more.

  2. Are Financing Options Available for These Plots? While bank finance is accessible for registered plots, it’s essential to note that most 7% Quota Farmer plots on Yamuna Expressway are yet to be registered. As a result, banks currently do not provide loans for these particular plots.

  3. Why Are These Plots Allocated Near Villages? These plots are thoughtfully allocated near the villages of the farmers who have entrusted their lands to the authority. The intent is to provide them with developed land in close proximity to their villages. Over the years, the land allocation has increased from 5% to 6% and now stands at 7% of the total land contributed to the authority.

  4. Why Do Farmer Plots Vary in Size? The diverse land sizes owned by farmers contribute to the variation in the allotted 7% plots. Each plot is tailored to the specific size of the land originally possessed by the farmers.

  5. What Is the Transfer Process for 7% Kisaan Quota Plots? The transfer process for Kisaan Quota plots mirrors that of general plots. Initially, the registry is carried out in favor of the allotted farmer and subsequently transferred to the buyer. The transfer is facilitated through the Transfer of Memorandum (TM) followed by the registry. The original allottee is free to sell or transfer their plot after the registry is completed in their name, following the Authority TM & Registry process.

  6. Abadi Plots vs. 7% Farmer Plots: Understanding the Difference: Abadi Plots are village plots developed by local individuals and not the government. They lack the assurance of concrete roads, proper sewage systems, and other essential facilities found in the general sector plots developed by the authority. Additionally, while Farmer Plots are leasehold, Abadi Plots are freehold.

  7. Leasehold or Freehold: The Status of Farmer Plots: Farmer Plots are allotted plots by the authority. It’s important to note that any plots allotted by the Noida Authority, Greater Noida Authority, and Yamuna Authority fall under the leasehold property category.

  8. Completion Clause and Timelines for Farmer Quota Plots: The completion clause is indeed applicable to Farmer Quota Plots. Timely completion within three years from the date of physical possession is mandatory after the registry process.

  9. Exploring Your Options: Site Visits and Virtual Tours: We offer the convenience of site visits, whether in person or virtual. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless experience. Visit our YouTube channel @yamunaprop, where you’ll find a treasure trove of videos showcasing various sectors on Yamuna Expressway. Take a virtual tour, immersing yourself in the informative videos that provide crisp and clear insights into the available plots.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is collated from publicly available sources. We strongly advise cross-checking and verifying the details from relevant and reliable sources.

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Step into a world of exceptional opportunities, where investment potential meets tranquil living. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the secrets of 7% Farmer Plots on Yamuna Expressway

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