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Yamuna Expressway, stretching from Pari Chowk in Greater Noida to Kuberpur in Agra, offers a prime location for investment in residential and commercial plots. With its excellent connectivity and upcoming developments, Yamuna Expressway has become a preferred choice for investors looking for promising returns. In this article, we will explore the advantages of investing in plots along Yamuna Expressway and why it has gained popularity among real estate investors.

Kissan Quota

Yamuna Expressway Farmer Quota Plots: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Yamuna Expressway Farmer Quota plots, also known as Kissan Quota Plots in Yamuna Expressway, offer an enticing investment opportunity for savvy buyers. Developed by Yamuna Expressway Authority (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority), these plots are allotted to farmers as compensation for their acquired land. Representing 7% of the total land acquired, they are commonly referred to as 7% Plots Yamuna Expressway or 7% Farmer Quota Plots in Yamuna Expressway. The strategic proximity to the upcoming Jewar Airport further enhances the appeal of these properties.

The Prime Locations
Yamuna Expressway Farmer Quota plots are strategically located in various sectors, making them a desirable choice for investors. Some of the prominent sectors where these plots are available include:

1. Sector 17
2. Sector 18
3. Sector 22
4. Sector 22E
5. Sector 25D
6.Sector 28
7.Sector 29

The Jewar Airport Advantage
The advent of Jewar Airport has brought about a significant advantage to these properties. With the airport poised to become a major travel hub, the demand for properties in the vicinity has surged. Investors recognize the potential for substantial returns, making Yamuna Expressway Farmer Quota plots an attractive proposition.

kisan Quota Semi commercial  Plots

Often referred to as kisan kota plots, these properties offer an opportunity for comfortable and serene living. The tranquil surroundings and well-planned infrastructure make them ideal for both investors and homeowners. One notable feature of these plots is that they are available at comparatively lower prices than Yamuna Authority Plots, making them more accessible to a broader range of buyers.

Noida Extension and Central Noida Plots
Apart from the Farmer Quota Plots in Yamuna Expressway, there are also 6% plots available in Noida Extension and 5% plots in Central Noida. These plots, developed under various schemes, cater to different investment preferences and offer diverse options for potential buyers.

YEIDA Farmer Quota Plots: A Comprehensive Guide

YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) allots 7% plots to farmers as compensation for their acquired land. These plots bear a striking resemblance to the 5% and 6% farmer quota plots previously allotted in Greater Noida and Noida. Situated in Sector 25, Sector 18, and Sector 20, these farmer quota plots enjoy proximity to nearby villages such as Mirzapur Village, Acheja Buzurg Village, Achhepur Village, Chandpur Village, Rustampur Village, Parsaul Village, Usmanpur Village, Dungarpur Village, and Milak Village in Sector 18 & 20.

Development and Location

YEIDA farmer quota plots will be fully developed, offering amenities similar to general plots, including well-laid roads, parks, sewerage systems, electricity, and water pipelines. These plots are strategically located near the villages of the farmers who have allocated land to YEIDA.

Transfer Process

The transfer of these plots does not occur immediately; it typically takes a maximum of 2 to 3 years. Upon allocation, plot owners (farmers) receive an allotment letter from YEIDA against their land. The development of these plots commences once the maps are released, and after development, the registry process is initiated. Only after the registry is completed, can the plots be transferred to new owners.

Resale Documents

For the resale of farmer quota plots, the following documents are required:

  1. Agreement to Sell
  2. Will
  3. GPA (General Power of Attorney)
  4. Duly signed Transfer Kit

Plot Size and Types

YEIDA farmer quota plots come in various sizes, ranging from 120 sq. yards to 1000 sq. yards. While primarily residential, these plots allow 50% of the area to be utilized for specific commercial purposes. However, it is essential to adhere to the approved commercial activities listed by YEIDA, such as Guest Houses, Clinics, Coaching Centers, and more.

Road Size and Future Prospects

Most of the farmer quota plots are situated along 12-meter wide roads, ensuring easy accessibility and convenience for the residents. As the development progresses and the Jewar Airport becomes fully operational, the demand for these plots is expected to soar, making them a lucrative investment opportunity.

In conclusion, YEIDA farmer quota plots offer an attractive investment prospect for those seeking residential or commercial properties. With their well-developed infrastructure, strategic location, and upcoming airport’s influence, these plots have immense potential for high returns. As the transfer process unfolds, more opportunities will emerge, making it an excellent time to explore these farmer quota plots and secure a promising future in the flourishing real estate market of Yamuna Expressway.

Tips before buying Farmer/ Kissan/Village Quota Plots in Yamuna Expressway: Jewar

1. The allotment documents must be verified from the Yamuna Expressway Authority(YIEDA).You can easily validate the identity of the Farmer to whom the land was allotted.
2. One should get all the papers validated by Yamuna Expressway Authority so that there is no case of multiple selling or any fraud transactions.
3. Buyer should know the sector to which the plot is allotted by YIEDA.
4. Interested Buyer not forget to collect allotment letter, possession letter, id proofs of the farmer to whom the allotment was done from NOC.
5. One should check for the registry status in YIEDA. If not done, the alternate GPA process is to be followed for future assurance.
6. You should ask the possession charges, circle rate and lease rent in the area.
7. Intrested Buyer should collect the available NOC like water, electricity and No Dues Certificate provided by Yamuna Expressway Development Authority.For more details contact on this Yamuna Expressway Plots Contact Number, Call +918447287547

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